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Sometimes life gets tangled, so it becomes unbearably painful and darkness surrounds, and envelopes, and penetrates inside. It may seem that this thin red thread cannot be untangled. A thin red thread lies between the past and the future. The only thin red line is the border between madness and sanity...

This thin red thread is called Today. it may seem to be messy and not aligned. Sometimes it may last too long and the other time - bee too short. Today may be the last day you change your life forever, or it could be just another ordinary day. Whatever it is - it is your opportunity to unravel the messy thin red thread. Or to start to do that, - if there are too many knots on it. Just a day at a time.Today. And then again - Today. The life happens on that thin red thread - Today.


Reference: Oladimeji Odunsi, Unsplash


Pencils 2B, 8B, black watercolor, red marker, white gel pen Sakura in Moleskine sketchbook A4.


Price: $40.00 (with shipping)