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Artist statement

Born in Tallinn, Estonia, 01 April 1980.
I currently live and work in hometown Tallinn, Estonia.

Scientist by profession.
Self-taught in art.
Still experimenting and discovering the science of art.

In life I combine real science and art within myself. My inner artist is a self-taught creature, which tries to break free like a bird from its cage and speak out about dreams and feelings. I love fantasy art and often try to combine reality and fantasy in my drawings. I get inspired by real people, their faces and bodies, which are able to tell their own story through the emotions captured by photographs. I draw now mostly using photographs as reference due to the fact that my audience includes people from all around the world.

The artist

I have shipped drawings mainly to the USA and many countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. I love to dance and I am keen on drawing dancers, however often I use my imagination and creativity to create my own vision of the photograph. Dance is another way of art, which allows you to speak using the language of movement, and the movement is something I am trying to draw.
I have been drawing since I was a child, and I used mostly pencil or colored pencils, but during my young years, I was drawing with pastels a lot creating portraits mainly. In 2019, I opened my first box of cheap watercolor, and I am experimenting a lot ever since. I have also done several oil and acrylic paintings and several wall paintings, so I am familiar with a broad range of techniques. I am the Dreamer. And as I reverie, I draw dreams into reality and you can read the story of the Dreamer I put on the paper.


May - July 2021    Anija Manor, Harjumaa; part of the exhibition

August 2021         Viimsi Library, Tallinn; part of the exhibition



and here is my art…