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Quinta Essentia

Quinta Essentia aka the Aether, is the fifth and the highest element. Quinta Essentia permeates all nature and every human being individually and together. Being the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form, it stands apart from the four terrestrial elements. From ancient times the Quinta Essentia has been recognized to be the spirit of nature, and Aristotle described it as superior in order and significance to the other four. 
An unknown substance, the ethereal essence, - the Quinta Essentia, or the Fifth Element. The Soul, binding all elements together, distilling the beauty of the quintessence and holding the balance of life.  
Watercolor Nevskaya Palette on paper Arches, 33.5 x 54 cm; golden handmade watercolor Zahra Ammar Design, golden gel pen Sakura, imitation gold Variegated nr 217 (Nazionale Gilding Workshop, Italy), magnolia leaves skeleton covered with aerosol gold.


Price: $40.00 (with shipping)